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 July 12th-15th 2018


All World Baseball “Chase the Rings” World Series 2018


It is a brand new year and a brand new chase, as the All World Championships 2018 is upon us. Our World Series is July 12-15, 2018 in Northern Nevada. This year we have made our championship event a 5 game guarantee, 4 day event. Enjoy all the great daytime activities and the nightlife of Northern Nevada and come play for the best awards package and the All World Sports championship ring.


In 2018 we are going to run a large series of NIT events with an opportunity for the winning team to earn significant money towards their entry into our Championship Week. Beginning in February, at one or two locations every month we will be hosting NIT events throughout California and Nevada. Start building up your tournament cash towards your World Series week.


We look forward to hosting your team in your quest to “CHASE THE RINGS”


Our Summer World Series in beautiful Northern Nevada, featuring Golden Eagle Sports Complex, and terrific fields in both Carson City and Reno Nevada.




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 Divisions / Ages

8U - 9U - 10U – 11U - 12U - 13U - 14U  

 16U - woodbat - 18U-woodbat - 19U-woodbat

5 Game Guarantee 

8U/16U/18U/19U divisions are open


Thursday Morning Games Begin


Friday Games Continue


Saturday Games Continue / some playoffs may begin


Sunday Games Continue / Championship Rounds / Awards